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Miya Hannan 
BUA Artist Residency Application

1. Uncertain Certainty 

Installatoin/Exhibition at the opium den located within the historical Chinese Herb Shop in Truckee, CA

2. Certainty 1
Used Chair; 41" x 28" x 25"; 2020

3. Uncertainty 1 
Soot on paper; 41" x 30"; 2020

4. Winding
Soot on paper, glass jars, soil, metal, wood; 25" x 13" x 5.5"; 2022

5. 39.392632, -120.18281
Soil sample from the site, glass jar, red candle, old opium bottle, found broken china pieces, used cabinet, speakers; 36" x 23.5" x 14"; 2022 (Sound is created by Reiko Yamada)

6. Footsteps
Soot on paper, glass jars, clay, wood; 92” x 36” x 5.5”; 2022

This exhibition was held at the actual historical site in order to expose the place and its history to the audience. After railroad construction completed in Boca, CA, Chinese people live in Truckee, CA. According to Guy Coates, former research historian for the Truckee Donner Historical Society, "it appears to be the only survivor of Chinatown’s third major fire of suspicious origin, which broke out on June 17, 1886."

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