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Crossing Path (billboard project)

The Holland Project’s Billboard Gallery showcases the work of exceptional emerging and established regional artists on billboards throughout Reno’s surface streets. I was invited to participate in it in January, 2023.

Patria Soli (socially engaged art project) 

Patria Soli (homeland soil) is a socially engaged art project for people who are not able to go back to their homeland at the end of their life. This project hand-delivers soil from one’s homeland to a person. I'm working in collaboration with Dr. Jillian Tullis, a health communication specialist. Our hope is that the simple gesture of this project will provide a conversation starter for necessary, otherwise difficult, communication between people and their family. Please visit our project website at

Three Poems Disrupting a Language (Artist’s Book Project with Brighton Press, San Diego, CA) 
Three Poems Disrupting a Language
Three Poems Disrupting a Language
Three Poems Disrupting a Language
Three Poems Disrupting a Language
Three Poems Disrupting a Language
Three Poems Disrupting a Language

Three poems by Bill Kelly; pochoirs, woodcuts, and translations by Miya Hannan on handmade papers from Twinrocker and the Morgan Conservatory. Hand painted binding housed in a clamshell box covered in Japanese silk. Edition of 40. 2017.

This project was a collaboration with a poet/artist Bill Kelly and published by Brighton Press in San Diego. Composed around the topic of birds, this book was shaped by communications between Kelly and me, two artists with very different origins and methods of form making. 

For more about the Brighton Press and the book, please visit

Critical Mass (Commissioned by 2012 TEDxSanDiego, San Diego, CA)

Miya Hannan and Jenny Yoshida Park

Ceramics, paper; 8" high each ; 2012

This installation was created for the 2014 TEDxSanDiego meeting. Seen together, the figures in “Critical Mass” become a miniature audience.
These 625 gures represent each person attending, speaking, or working at TEDxSanDiego 2012. Each gure was sculpted out of clay, textured, stamped with words, and glazed by the hands of many people, making each one completely unique.

When taken individually, the figures represent each person’s role as an agent of change. Each figure holds a small book with questions for the attendees to go out into the world and ask themselves and others in order to begin to create change in the world, both small and large. The installation of the figures is incomplete until each attendee brings a figure home with them at the end of the day, and uses it as a starting point to share the day’s messages with their community.

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